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Consultation fees

Initial Consultation fees will vary between £180-200 depending which consultant the appointment is with.

Please note


The partnership uses the facilities of BMI Albyn Hospital and the charges which arise from your private out-patient medical care may come from both Aberdeen Orthopaedic Network and BMI Albyn Hospital. Out-patient costs will arise from your consultation fee and any charges raised for x-ray investigations, blood tests and/or other services required for diagnostic purposes.

It is important that you confirm with your medical insurance provider, or other payee, that they will cover the anticipated charges for your private medical care prior to your appointment. In the event that your treatment/service is not covered fully or partly by your insurer you will be liable for any costs associated with your care. Current outpatient consultation fees are available on our website www.aberdeenorthopaedics.com or telephone 0845 508 1040.


The costs for your operation/procedure will arise from the hospital, the surgeon and the anaesthetist. You may receive separate invoices directly, or direct payment may be arranged through your insurer, BMI Albyn Hospital or other third party. The Surgical Fees will be invoiced by Trust Health Ltd and your insurance company will be invoiced directly by them based on the information provided by you at registration. Please note that some insurance companies are not willing to cover the full cost of surgical treatment. You are advised to check all details with your insurer prior to your admission. If you any assistance in doing this or are seeking clarification about about fees and charges please call on 0845 508 1040

You will be liable to pay any outstanding out-patient or in-patient balances due to: Trust Health Ltd, 76 Park Street, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1BX. Tel: 01403 241484