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Financial information

AON adhere to the GMC guidance and to the CMA non-divestment order in respect of financial transparency. This means we are always willing to inform you to the best of our ability about our fees in advance of treatment (accepting that we cannot always predict the exact treatment that will become necessary for a given presentation) – please ask the office if there is anything you wish to know and we will do our best to help you.

A patient seeking treatment by an AON consultant is entering into a contract for provision of health care and shall be liable for all charges incurred as a result.

Patients should be aware that private health care without insurance cover can become expensive. Charges may be independently incurred for each of the following:

  • The Surgeon’s fee (for each consultation and for subsequent treatments)
  • The Anaesthetist’s fee (where there is a requirement for an anaesthetic)
  • Hospital fees for investigations (Blood tests, X-rays and scans, Tests on operative specimens)
  • Hospital fees for inpatient services (for operations and other procedures)
  • Some medical equipment that may be needed post-operatively (crutches etc)
  • Fees payable to other professionals involved in your care (physiotherapists etc)

Patients should seek clarification of fees whenever they wish as treatments progress and gain confirmation of continuing cover from insurers – the AON office will be pleased to assist with advice.

AON will process claims for those with insurance directly with approved insurers on the patient’s behalf, providing the patient has provided correct and sufficient Insurance details. It is the patient’s responsibility to verify with their insurer that the condition to be treated is covered by their insurance. AON is not responsible for this verification. Insufficient documentation will prevent direct settlements and may result in the account being billed directly to the patient. Any shortfalls in insurance benefit are the patient’s responsibility. Should the patient’s insurer determine that the care and treatment is not covered under the patient’s insurance policy, the patient agrees that he/she will be liable for the portion of the charges that are not settled.