Exercises To Help Hip Osteoarthritis

Being diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis (or just suspecting it) doesn’t have to be the end of the world; there are plenty of exercises that can help keep your joints working and the NHS actually recommends this to combat the condition. This is just a small selection of the things you can do to aid your body no matter your diagnosis – just make sure you do a warm-up first.

1. Knee lifts

help your hip as well. To perform a classic knee lift, lay flat on your back. Then, pull your knee towards your chest – feel free to use your hands to pull it further. Hold this for as long as you can (we recommend ten seconds), then lower it and repeat with each knee at least five times.

2. Hamstring stretches

your hamstring, but this one begins with you standing up straight. You then place your foot on a step and lean forward as far as you can until you feel your thigh stretching. Be sure not to slouch, and try to hold this for 25 seconds. Again, repeat this with the other leg for the best results, but focus on the side which most needs it.

3. Hip flexion

This exercise focuses more on strengthening than stretching but works similarly to the hamstring stretch. To begin, you stand and hold onto nearby support – perhaps an item of furniture. Then, lift your leg and bend your hip and knee as much as possible. Repeat this ten times, but again focus on the side where your hip feels the worst.

4. Other activities

Of course, the activities you can safely do might vary depending on your current stage, but your exercise does not have to be relegated to stretches and strengthening exercises. If you can manage them, biking and swimming can both help your mobility without straining your hip too much.

Ultimately, keeping your hip moderately active in a safe environment is a great way to reduce symptoms and even slow them down a bit. However, this is just one form of treatment available to help hip osteoarthritis. If you would like to learn more about the range of treatments from a qualified ENT surgeon, then please get in touch.